2022 Angel Award Recipient

Judge Luckey, Managing Artistic Director of the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre to be honored as the 2022 Kiwanis Angel Award recipient on November 10, 2022.

In his thirteen years as Managing Artistic Director of the 90-year-old institution, Luckey has made it his mission to include every child with an interest in theatre in the Children’s Theatre programs. The programs include: a theatre outreach program to 6 of the 12 Palo Alto elementary and middle schools each year, a movement and dance program in all K-3rd grade schools in Palo Alto, a theatre program with adult performers that provide a theater show during the school day that PACT helps transport over 11,000 school kids from all over the Bay Area to the performances, a Teen Arts Council started in 2009 as a way to give voice to local teens and a place to express themselves, a joint program with the Magical Bridge Foundation performing “Hot dog shows” for children with special needs and many other shows performed at the Lucie Sterne Children’s Theatre.

For the children who participate at the Palo Alto Children’s Theater program, Mr. Luckey becomes a life-changing mentor, fierce advocate, and trusted advisor to the entire family, a man who is deeply committed to the wellbeing and success of each child under his direction.

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The 2022 Angel Award Recipient, Judge Luckey